OWL主席离职 将加入堡垒之夜的电竞部门

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文章摘要:OWL主席离职 将加入堡垒之夜的电竞部门 ,短传年谱蓝蔻,冰柜里笔记本论多图。

OWL主席离职 将加入堡垒之夜的电竞部门

  OWL主席Nate Nanzer本周五在推特宣布他将下周从动视暴雪离职,联赛内部消息源告诉ESPN称随着他在OWL的任期结束,他将接下Epic Games的一份工作,负责监督那里的电子竞技部门

  Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer announced Friday that he will leave Activision Blizzard next week, and league sources told ESPN he plans to take a job overseeing competitive esports at Epic Games as his tenure with OWL ends.

  Epic Games 刚刚证实了我们的报道“我们很高兴Nate加入Epic Games团队,他将与我们在堡垒之夜竞技部门一起工作”一位发言人告诉ESPN

  EpicGames just confirmed our reporting: "We're excited to welcome Nate to the Epic Games team, where he'll be working with us on competitive Fortnite,” a spokesperson told @ESPN